Sleepster v2.1

© 2013 Dean Andreakis

All Rights Reserved


-Updated for iOS7!!! 
-Added nature background scenes! 
-Added frog and cricket sounds! 
-Added ability to select multiple backgrounds for rotation! 
-Added ability to select multiple sounds for mixing (simultaneous playback)! 

Sleepster is recommended by top U.S.-licensed doctors on HealthTap. 

Some of the world’s leading doctors have given Sleepster a seal of approval on HealthTap and are recommending it to people everywhere! 

Sleepster is a simple to use sleep assistant that provides a nature background/nightlight in combination with soothing background music. Choose the sound, sound timer, and nightlight background settings and then select the play button. The sliders adjust the volume of the background music and screen brightness. The sound will stop playing at the selected time interval. Tapping the nightlight screen will immediately stop the music and return you to the main screen where you can readjust settings if desired.